Our Classes

The teachers at Thythorn have many years of experience, yet we are constantly striving to improve our teaching in order to boost the children’s levels of attainment. We have high expectations of ourselves; a quality we endeavour to pass onto the children.

The organisation of classes and teaching has varied over the years, depending on numbers of children and staff expertise. Whilst we prefer to teach children in single year groups, there may be times when children are grouped in mixed age classes. However, all children are taught appropriately for their age, ability and individual stage of development. The open-plan nature of the school allows for flexibility of teaching and helps prepare children for the smooth transition from one year group to another.

Teachers use a range of techniques, dependant upon children’s learning styles, as well as organisational strategies within their class. For example, the teaching of literacy and numeracy includes a large amount of whole-class teaching to develop mental and oral skill. However, this will incorporate many dynamic activities such as games, puzzles, problem solving, shared reading and writing alongside demonstrations of new concepts and the opportunity for children to work with intensive teacher support. In the other subjects, lessons often start with a whole class teacher input, which may include discussion, drama, demonstration or a television programme. Then the children may work individually, in pairs, or within small groups.

Please feel free to browse these pages to keep in touch with the latest topics that your children are studying within their classes. We will also do our best to post regular photos and information celebrating the childrens achievements.